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Personalities that take your projects personally

At Jakoby Law Firm, you’ll meet lawyers with years of experience who personally address your concerns instead of passing them down to other members of the office staff. That way, you get to take full advantage of the legal and personal know-how of the established lawyers at Jakoby Law Firm.

The first question: What does the client want and need?

Listen closely and understand the client, so that you can take in the bigger picture, seeing it from both the client’s and the negotiating party’s sides – this method of operating at Jakoby Law Firm is characteristic of our legal work. Our staff always provides realistic and pragmatic assessments. Rather than pointing fingers, we offer empathy and a strong willingness towards fairness and transparency.

A law firm that will give it to you straight

Jakoby Lawfirm stands for uninhibited, open communication. It doesn’t help the client if we sugar coat things, nor is it helpful to create a scenario that isn’t based on hard facts and legal experience. Respect for the client – and the other parties involved – is the basis of how we communicate. We know what works: we act with composure, but are also relentless. They’re traits that actually go together. It’s just a matter of style.

Something a little bit different

In West Berlin on Kurfürstendamm, in a growing, vibrant area – that is where you will find the modern offices of Jakoby Law Firm. The space is brought to life by our dedicated associates and decorated with handpicked works of art. What you won’t get with us: a large anonymous law firm with huge overhead – instead, you’ll find a team that regularly communicates with each other and where everyone knows exactly what everyone else is working on. This is because we have the common goal of addressing your concerns individually and helping you achieve long-term success.


Payment for our legal services will be determined in each case upon agreement with the client at the beginning of work, which we generally do at an hourly rate.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available for a free consultation at any time if you would like to learn more about our firm and the lawyers.