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Investments in Germany

Investments in Germany

Advising, developing, and notarizing for investors and companies abroad

Handling legal matters with international aspects is part of the our daily work at Jakoby Law Firm. All of the lawyers at Jakoby Law Firm are fluent in business English. For us, drafting documents in English or English and German, as well as communicating with clients in English is a matter of course. On top of that, Jakoby Law Firm also has lawyers that speak French, Italian, and Polish.

Our individual backgrounds are filled with various stays abroad and regular professional exchanges with other lawyers around the world, giving us a cross-cultural sensitivity that has proven indispensable to us when it comes to legal matters that cross borders.

As a notary, Dr. Markus Jakoby regularly advises and certifies contracts with international aspects, such as German-English purchasing agreements or investment agreements for foreign investment companies.

Purchasing Property in Berlin and throughout Germany

If you are an investor from abroad with plans to invest in commercial real estate or residential properties (condominiums, land with residential buildings) in Berlin or Germany, then Jakoby Law Firm is the right place for you:

  • We offer advising on all legal aspects surrounding the property – including establishing a purchasing company with foreign shareholders. We will carry out the legal due diligence for you. We also review and negotiate your property purchase agreement, condominium purchase agreement, or share deals for property acquisition and rental contracts.
  • Upon request, we put your in contact with the right people (technical due diligence, brokers, accountants, property managers)
  • We will communicate with the local authorities for you (building authority, tax/finance authority, trade office, foreigner’s registration office)
  • We are experienced in advising foreign investors. Our lawyers speak fluent business English.
  • We know the Berlin real estate market and its players

Advising and representation of foreign companies entering the German market

We can help with your company’s entry to Berlin and Germany, as well as any related issues, such as:

  • What is the correct legal status of your business in Germany and Berlin (branch office, LLC (GmbH), entrepreneurial company (UG))?
  • Under what conditions are foreign workers permitted to work in Germany (residence permit, work permit, overseas assignments)?
  • What authorizations and permits do you need for your business or project (e.g., a business license)?
  • What must be considered when signing the lease for your new commercial premises?

We are experienced in advising foreign investors. Our lawyers speak business English. We work closely with experienced tax advisors on questions of accounting, tax law, and social security.

Jakoby Law Firm will support you in disputes with German contract partners and represent you in court in the rare occasion that no out-of-court settlement can be found.