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Real estate law / construction law

For everyone who wants to move the unmovable

The real estate market in Berlin keeps growing. With the ever-increasing competition for interesting properties – especially in urban areas like Berlin – it’s good to have a law firm with years of measurable success on your side. For us, that success is largely due to our thorough knowledge of real estate law, land law, construction law, and architectural law combined with extensive experience drafting contracts and with all legal aspects of the real estate and construction industry. Better still, when the lawyers are passionate about real estate themselves.

With imagination and expertise for your real estate needs

Jakoby Law Firm can advise you at every level of a construction and/or real estate project. While you concentrate on your business, the firm’s specialized lawyers will do things like draw up purchase agreements and construction contracts, or review financing issues or awarded construction contracts. Our clients feel secure knowing that the lawyers at Jakoby Law Firm are by their side throughout every phase of a project.

Drafting, advising, and notarizing in construction and real estate law

The comprehensive legal advising in real estate and construction provided by the lawyers and notary at Jakoby Law Firm is not limited to Berlin and Germany – we also advise foreign and internationally active clients across borders through the international lawyers’ network Legalink.

At Jakoby Law Firm, legal advising on real estate and construction includes a particular focus on the areas of real estate project development and real estate transactions. Beyond that, the firm also offers advising, as well as contract preparation and review, in the following areas:

  • Property and condominium agreements
  • Building contractor purchasing agreements
  • Commercial rental and lease agreements
  • General contractor agreements (Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations)
  • Construction contracts (Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations)
  • Architectural contracts (Fee structure for architects and engineers)
  • Project management contracts
  • Residential property law (Residential Property Owners Association)
  • Review of elements of construction projects involving construction planning and building code

The firm advises both principal and contractor. In general, we work with clients carrying out construction projects, be it as property developers, consortia, joint building ventures, cooperatives or in another existing form under company law, such as the LLC  (GmbH) or limited partnership with a limited liability company as general partner (GmbH & Co KG).

Jakoby Law Firm also does procedural work before courts, as well as arbitration proceedings as lawyers or arbitrators in the areas of real estate and construction law.