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Jakoby Rechtsanwälte with new brochure

Dr. Markus Jakoby

To our delight we have had great reception from kind clients with interesting mandates in the past years, so that we decided in the course of this year to renew our firm’s brochure (hardcopy). The aim was to present our creative ideas and our professional but personal and practical approach concerning our mandates and notary’s offices our current clients and furthermore to present people who would like to be better informed about our core areas and practices. We are happy that the result of all our considerations can apparently be put in an appearance pretty well.

You are welcome to get a picture of it yourself by either downloading the brochure directly from the picture on the right or by requesting a hardcopy version from our secretary’s office. So far we have been constantly receiving positive feedback for which we would like to thank you for! Sincere thanks again to everybody who assisted in the brochure (see imprint)! Apparently the quality of the brochure is also appropriate!